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This quarantine is not ending soon! You might be really bored by now, watched all movies and songs doesn’t really amuse you anymore. Don’t be sad by all this as Sony loves its community and the players, however it’s really important to make your castle in your home, because that’s the only possible way of being safe from this deadly unseen virus. But boredom is yet another deadly virus still this one have a vaccination and that is the chance to win free exclusive game console PS4 from Sony.

You’ve to promise that you’ll stay at home and stay safe, the offer works by this you have to download FIFA 2020 on your console and play a tag team match with any of your two friends, you have to record that game session and upload that session on twitch or Facebook with #face of challenge, you will have to win in this game content by at least two winning goals, penalty kicks and extra time will not be included.

We will have video polling of the gaming sessions and we will have runner up rounds and multiple level with the difficulty levels included so that it can be more thrilling experience for the audience. In order to be a part of this virtual gaming arena, players have to buy PlayStation membership cards and have to access them by the console, there will be three levels, beginner level have training matches, and from there the finalist will have the final round with middle east winner of runner up round.

The winner will get the exclusive copy of PS5 singed by Ronlado, and the second runner up will get the signed games copy from top player. So get ready Sony will soon launch he dates for applying for this virtual gaming applications keep checking the official website for the upcoming dates.

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