Akhuwat is a micro-financing foundation working since 2001 on different programs like, micro financing for business, to pay utility bills, for education, or for establishing small business. Akhuwat clothe bank is among one of the programs of Akhuwat foundation.

Cloth Bank

We live in the country where basic necessities of many people are still not completed. They are still fighting for their basic necessities, so if certain amount of a country is still fighting for the basic necessities, so how that country will become a developed country. We decided to complete their basic necessities and make a step forward towards cloth bank. Many of us through our old clothes in garbage or the clothes even we don’t like also throw them, but there are many who even don’t have any proper clothes to wear. We collect such type of clothes from different areas and distribute among the needy ones. Akhuwat clothes bank was established in 2015. Clothes were collected from affluent families, repaired, well washed and then delivered to the needy ones.

Collection / Distribution Process

Akhuwat clothes Bank process in a well-mannered way. Properly collect from the families or the people drop their clothes at different branches and the places allocated by the Akhuwat foundation or there are specific employees whose task is just to collect clothes from different locations and then collectively sent to Main branch located in Lahore to repair the clothes and properly washed them and make them able for anyone. Then there is a specific team who just identified the need families, so clothes will be delivered to the exact needy persons that the task of doing that job will fulfill. Then efforts are made to deliver that clothes to the needy families either they are in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK or any part of the country.

Akhuwat clothes Bank Gift Shop

At the first anniversary of Akhuwat Clothes Bank, Akhuwat clothes Bank gift shop was established were the needy people come and give their children the experience of shopping and get the clothes which they like, so these children will also feel the happiness of shopping.

Dewar e Akhuwat

Dewar e Akhuwat is an initiative by Akhuwat foundation where any pedestrian or a passer by leave their clothes and needy one will get the clothes for them. It’s a more short and convenient way to run the system in more efficient way.

Progress Report

Till the January 2018, 2,006,798 clothes were collected, 1,907,060 were distributed, 953,530 were benefited and 325,876 families were benefited and many more figures are coming.