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Siddique Kabab Shop is a BBQ restaurant in D Block Model Town, Lahore. It is famous for its delicious and yummiest BBQ. It is good for casual, groups and families. Click to get Direction.



  • Beef Sekh Kabab
  • Beef Tikka
  • Afghani Kabab
  • Afghani Tikka
  • Chicken Sekh Kabab
  • Chicken Gola Kabab
  • Chicken Afghani Kabab
  • Chicken Piece
  • Chicken Boti
  • Chicken Malai Boti
  • Mutton Sekh Kabab
  • Mutton Gola Kabab
  • Mutton Afghani Kabab
  • Mutton Tikka
  • Mutton Champ
  • Fish Tikka
  • Special Sada Naan
  • Special Khameri Roti
  • Roghani Naan
  • Tawa Paratha
  • Raita
  • Salad
  • Russian Salad
  • Firni

It has 1111 Google Reviews and 4.1 Google rating which is a very good rating.

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