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Rizwan Burger is one of the finest burger and sandwiches shop in Lahore. Recently they are offering pizza, karahi, fast food and many other like a Restaurant. It is Located at Main Market Gulberg. It is good for every one i.e. casuals, groups, and families. 



  • Mutton cheese burger
  • Mutton burger
  • Chicken grill burger
  • Jalapeno burger
  • Jalapeno beef burger
  • Zinger burger
  • Rizwan special chicken burger
  • Chicken breast burger
  • Chicken tikka burger
  • Crunch burger
  • Beef burger 
  • Special shami burger
  • Shami kabab burger 
  • Grill sandwich
  • Tikka sandwich
  • Chicken breast sandwich
  • Chicken cheese sandwich
  • Beef cheese sandwich
  • Chicken sandwich
  • Special shami sandwich
  • Shami sandwich
  • Chicken platter shwarma
  • Zinger paratha roll
  • Chicken zinger shwarma
  • Chicken cheese shwarma
  • Chicken shwarma
  • Finger chips
  • Fried chicken 
  • Chicken paratha roll
  • Rizwan special pizza
  • Rizwan delight pizza
  • Rizwan classical pizza
  • Rizwan supreme pizza
  • Hot and spicy pizza
  • Kabab crust pizza
  • Tikka BBQ pizza
  • Tandoori chicken pizza
  • Italian delight pizza
  • Pine apple pizza
  • Chicken fajita pizza
  • Chicken chilli dry and rice
  • Chicken chowmein
  • Chicken black pepper and rice
  • Chicken mix vegetable and rice
  • Chicken shashlik and rice
  • Egg fried rice and Manchurian
  • Masala rice and shashliek 
  • Chicken drum stick
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Chicken biryani
  • Sindhi biryani
  • Cocktail shake
  • Khoya khajoor shake
  • Banana khajoor shake
  • Apple shake
  • Chico shake
  • Mango shake
  • Peach shake
  • Strawberry shake
  • Pine apple shake
  • Strawberry banana mix shake
  • Banana shake
  • Apple banana mix shake

They have 2300 Google reviews and 4.0 rating out of 5.0 which is a good indicator that people love to go there and enjoyed there sandwiches and Meal.

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