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Are you tired enough of sleeping? Well don’t be because Sony is here to make you play at home and take you on many adventures rides. The origin of Pakistani culture is very diverse, people are more in the extrovert nature over here and by that nature they have this amazing habit of exploring new things, events and places. This is quite adventurous as it enables people here to be more engaged with the society and being able to relief all the stress and be more in the joyful mood and enjoy those moments. But due to the Covid-19 situation happening here that makes this activities impossible and by keeping distance from not only with your love ones but also from friends its frustrating and makes harder to spend all the time watching just movies, not everyone is talkative and by far people are sick and tired of being home sick in this all just at-home environment, specially newspapers doesn’t appeal the youth very much.

This Covid-19 is a untouchable war that’s going on, the ones who go out even for groceries are bathed with sanitizers when they come back to home, nice game for the kids but harsh reality for the adults so its not a very friendly environment that we are facing right now. Then the face if someone sneezes after coming from outside is hilarious to be felt.

The element we ignore in our country till now that mental health is equally important with physical health and this is why people are getting more distanced by the real life factors not being with the peers and friends are making us all depress at some point and making the need of some activity which can contact the friends while being at home otherwise these thoughts are not healthy to be with living with in this quarantine.

Pakistanis are extremely efficient while making irrelevant content which has nothing to do with reality and facts, but this quarantine even that content is making a mark as people tired of scrolling through that content and being annoyed all the time from that.

One of the most effective way to keep you busy and fight this quarantine illness and fatigue is to Play online PS4 console and get free 2 months global streaming member for the online streaming and gaming on Play Station as it gives the advantage of playing multiplayer games and friends can connect easily and make great gaming events while being at home and staying safe from this Covid-19, also that they can play tag team players so multiplayers can connect and get advantage from this free time playing their favorite games. The VR experiences bought with console will be a best add on, will give you the live feel while playing the game and will be more thrilling experience to play and live in the game.

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