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The food you should eat during coronavirus quarantine: tips regarding your health during quarantine:

As everyone knows coronavirus is spread all over the world at the point of its is Wuhan, the city of china. Before that time china also faces many deadly viruses but at this time the whole world faces this deadly coronavirus. The reason for this coronavirus is very simple. As we all know that china is the hub of business. Every multinational company or big company has to assemble plants over there like Apple co. so at that time, the virus is transported to the whole world which causes deadly destruction. It has a drastic effect on the trade and the economies of Powers like America is also collapsed.

Every one surrendered its self and goes itself into self-isolation so it has minimum social interaction so the chances of coronavirus spreading will be minimized.  As it affects every one routine, there is no physical activity, the routine is completely disturbed so we have to care about our health during quarantine and make our immune system strong so we will be strong enough that our immune system is capable to fight with that deadly coronavirus.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), if you take the following recommendations during quarantine coronavirus, it will help you in making yourself enough strong and fit during quarantine, so follow these health tips in quarantine:

Prepare Home cooked food

As coronavirus affects every business either it is import & export or food business, you should take this as an advantage and prepare healthy food at home which makes your immune system strong. Make that food according to your body which has less salt, less sugar and less fat to keep your body fit. If you are craving for the sugar or you want to make your taste buds sweet you should go for fruit either it is fresh or canned because they have a balanced amount of every ingredient and didn’t harm you.

less sugar, less salt

During this quarantine, you have to take care of your body and make your immune system strong enough. As there are almost no physical activities so there are huge chances of weight gain, so you have to take it over consideration. You should change your diet according to it and adapt to the system. WHO doctors said that you should consume less the 5% of salt and remove all the sodium from your canned food and maintain the salt balance in your body. They also recommend that you should take ideally 5% of the sugar, or you are highly craved for the sugar you must go towards fruit either they are fresh or canned because they have a balanced amount of sugar. And this will not increase your weight during this quarantine.


Less fat intake

WHO doctors said that you also limit your fat intake, which is less than 30 % of which 10% should come from saturated foods. To adopt this, you have to use cooking oil like olive oil, rapeseed or sunflower because they have less fat. You should also eat those foods which have less fat like fish and nuts. And it is better to grill them not to cook them, but if you want to cook them, then just add 1 or 2 tablespoons. You have to avoid biscuits, junk food, BBQ, pizza, etc. during these quarantine days.

Consume enough fiber

Fiber is highly effective for our digestive system. As when we consume fiber it makes prolonged our feeling of fullness. So, eat those things which have a high source of fibers, like vegetables, fruits, cereals, brown pasta, rice whole-wheat bread, and wraps will make our health good during the quarantine.

Stay Hydrated

During this coronavirus, quarantine days stay hydrated yourself and the main source of keep hydrating is water as it is the most beneficial for your health during quarantine and also a cheap product. Avoid the consumption of alcohol or other soft drinks to make yourself fit during the quarantine. Don’t consume a large amount of coffee and strong tea or energy drinks because they cause dehydration and make you unfit.

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