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Bhatti K Totkay is a BBQ Restaurant where you get every type of BBQ either it is of chicken, mutton, ostrich, Batair, Kabootar, Murgabhi, Turkey, Chakoor, Rabbit, etc. Its a very good place for friends and family. Click here to get the Directions.

Bhatti k Totkay Google Reviews are 524 and their Google Ratting is 4.2 out of 5 which is best Ratting in Google.


  • Madrasi Tikka
  • Rajhistani Dhurmmat
  • Tandoori Nablets
  • Patakha Boti
  • Chicken Leg Piece
  • Chicken Karahi Masala
  • Leg Piece
  • Banarsi Boti
  • Chochlate Tikka
  • Tandoori Grill Rabbit
  • Murghabi Tikka
  • Honey Nablets
  • Batair Tikka
  • Kabootar Tikka
  • Desi Murgh Tikka
  • Chakoor Tikka
  • Mutton Raan Roast
  • Turkey Roast
  • Chicken Kabab
  • Hareer Chicken Kabab
  • Aflatooni Beef Kabab
  • Turkish Chicken Kabab
  • Kasturi Beef Kabab
  • Angara Mutton Kabab
  • Makhmali Chicken Kabab
  • Deer Koila Karahi
  • Ostrich Koila Karahi
  • Kabootar Koila Karahi
  • Chakoor Koila Karahi
  • Desi Murgh Koila Karahi
  • Rabbit Koila Karahi
  • Murghabi Koila Karahi
  • Batair Koila Karahi
  • Camel Koila Karahi
  • Bhatti Special Mutton Koila Karahi
  • Mutton Koila Karahi
  • Mutton Kabab Koila Karahi
  • Shanwari Dumba Koila Karahi
  • Dumba Koila Karahi
  • B.Special Beef Koila Karahi
  • Beef Kabab koila Karahi
  • Beef Koila Karahi
  • B.Special Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Kabab Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Boneless Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Garlic Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Ginger Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Tikka Koila Karahi
  • Chicken Durmat Koila Karahi
  • Turkey Koila Karahi
  • Shounter Masala Grill Fish
  • Bambukat Masala Grill Fish
  • Bhatti Special Green Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Elaichi Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Jasmine Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Masala Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Kashmiri Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Ginger Koila Chai
  • Bhatti Special Chochlate Chai

They have 5000 Google reviews and 4.0 rating out of 5.0 which is a good indicator that people love to go there and enjoyed there BBQ.

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